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This song was written nearly 3 years ago, around the same time I started producing & making my music. Originally this song was supposed to be a collab with my lifelong best friend & he ended up putting me in the middle like a sandwich with my ex-girlfriend. I am proud that I finished this song without him and converted negativity into positivity with this record. I want to empower people who have been abused and mistreated and fuel you with energy through this track! The music won’t disappoint you either, so check it out!

I learned a lot from those experiences & at the same time kept improving my production quality for my mixes & masters. I have rendered so many versions of this song over the years because at first, I did not know what I was doing but I have confidence you will enjoy how this song feels & sounds. There are 2 guitars, a bass, a drum set & me! Please listen to it on your monitors, car speakers, headphones, or cell phone speaker & hear the consistency in all the elements on any device. I wanted the song to be consistent across all devices & at the same time be able to make you feel the sounds. I didn't want to squash the song cause it did not sound good with all the intense dynamics going on. I blended the frequencies & hope you can appreciate my attention to detail on this record.

This song is a heavy rock/metal track with influences of rap metal similar to bands like P.O.D., Linkin Park, Hollywood Undead, Papa Roach, Nirvana, etc., and grunge guitar and low-end tuning to get a dark atmosphere representing the song's lyrics. What happened was dark and scary but allowed me to grow and heal through it all. Watch the music video below!

“Creative mix of genres here. A very solid sound and it stands out as Gurudines’ own. Lyrics were also a good mix of catchy but personal too!”

  • Existential Magazine

“Great combination of distorted guitars, electronic effects, and rap flow”

  • It’s Time For Metal

“I get so many songs to listen to but yours struck me because there's a studio behind it”

  • Spotify Doctor

“Songwriting and melodies are cool”

  • M&R Digital Agency

“Toxic Language is a hip-hop track with elements of metal, electronics, and the use of traditional elements of the genre.”

  • Vibe Music

“The lyrics are so relatable and meaningful. You have a way of capturing the human experience in a way that resonates with your audience.”

  • Rock Al Palo

“I liked the sound of the guitar part, its melodicism, and its combination with the drum part. The vocalist sounded gentle and very deep.”

  • Let’s Rock

“The song sounds quite modern. I like the vocal performance, emphasized by the sharp guitar riffs and drums. Nice beat in the background with synths.”

  • MOsh Boy

“Instruments well played, some catchy riffs, and the vocals fit the song nicely”

  • Cutting Edge Metal

“Cool build-up you have here everything falls into place to keep you listening!”

  • Jelle Ravesloot

“Absolutely glorious. I loved the artist's style of rapping. His flow amazed me very much. The track beat was also high-class and charming”

  • AK-47

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