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Quarantine Romance (Amplifi Remix)

When this song was released I didn't realize people would truly resonate with the relatable lyrics and electronic and hip-hop vibes I meshed in this song. This track is off the Quarantine Romance Radio-Edit EP. Amplifi asked if he could remix this track and was totally down for it and I really loved what he did to this song! Listen below:

Quarantine Romance EP

The Quarantine Romance EP has been aired on the radio and written about and gone viral on YouTube. This project has allowed me to reach new territories around the world like Mexico, and Indonesia just to name a few. This EP is a reality-bending project with electronic indie pop influences with an 80's feel in each song. Listen below:


This song was about a person who back-stabbed me even though they were practically family but I guess it happens to the best of us. It's an alternative hip-hop song with fast deep flows and melodic R&B hooks! Listen below:

Parts of Me (Feat. Gurudine)

This was my first time ever featuring another artist's work and I am so glad it was this one. Henry K is a talented independent artist/producer who asked me to feature on this song and I think I did a pretty good job! Listen Below:


This song was a pivotal point for me where I was like "I want to start releasing rock music" because that is what I grew up listening to! As much as I love Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B music...Rock will always be my home! Listen below:

Live & Dream (Fallacy)

Live & Dream (Fallacy) has an aggressive tone with a loud and clear master produced by myself. I rap about living my life and my dreams in hopes to push you to do the same. It has Alternative Hip-hop/Trap vibes with a hint of R&B. Get a taste of it below:

You Tell Lies

You Tell Lies is my personal favorite was composed very early 2022 and released early 2022. It has Alternative Pop Rock vibes with a hint of EDM/Trap. It is a dance song that will make you groove. I hope you can relate to the lyrics, stream it below:

Best Part

Best Part was written after a family argument. It fueled my passion to express how I felt at that moment and want it to never happen again. This song is for people who do not get the love and support they should receive from family/friends for their art/music/business/passions. Listen below:

Bad Person

After I found out I was cheated on and backstabbed by a "best friend", I decided to convert those negative feelings and apply them to creating Bad Person. It has an alternative pop rock sound with nice R&B melodies that will get stuck in your head. Listen below:

Color Green

Color Green is about reminiscing the old days and the good memories from the past. This is currently my #1 Song and Most-Streamed song on Spotify. It has an Indie lofi hip-hop beat with sweet vocal melodies and the video is a nice tribute to those memories. Listen below:

Chronic Sonder EP

Featuring my hit song "I Know You Hate Me", Chronic Sonder is an entry point to my universe and soon you will hear more psychedelic/trippy/trance records. This EP is very Alternative/Indie Hip-hop/Pop-rock. [Also includes: A Walk, Bloodline, and End of the Road] Discover them below:


Repent is about cutting off those negative and toxic friends out of your life and moving on from feeling the way they made you feel. It has a lofi indie rock kind of vibe that is very upbeat and super groovy. Listen below:


Magazine is my first take on a synthwave track with psychedelic synths and trippy vocals. The song is super chill so be prepared to kick back and vibe. Its' spacey sound sonically speaking will immerse you into the story of Magazine. This is also my most streamed song on Apple Music. Listen below:


Greed for money or possessions.
Cupidity was written because I just wanted to be with this girl and it was not meant to be. Time will tell you why but you won't know at the moment, and as impatient I am I got through it. This song is a bop with such a groove and a story to tell with meaningful and relatable lyrics. It is for love. Listen below:


S.F.B. is an oldschool gangsta hip-hop type of track. Being a drummer, I composed an NYC hold school type beat with some cool aggressive bars that talk about what you want to focus on. The song is constantly reminding you to focus your awareness on yourself so you can be the best version of yourself. Relatable Raps and intricate flows. Listen below:


Mezmerized is my debut track as Gurudine. I entered the music industry dropping one of my best songs. It is one of my most streamed songs on Spotify. This song was played on the radio multiple times and was a huge accomplishment right at the start and kept going. Listen below:

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