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who dine e cover art official_edited_edited.jpg

"Converting negativity into positivity in each song"

Take a trip down memory lane as I revisit my cloud-rap/emo-rap roots. Clean and easy listening mix and master produced by Gurudine. Inspired by Lloyd, Drake, and Playboi Carti. Listen to WHO DINE E by choosing your preferred platform below:


With A Modern, Groovy, and Galactic Twist:

Gurudine is constantly releasing viral music videos with each song he drops on a month-to-month basis. By providing new songs for his listeners he can be current with music trends with his alternative music style. Gurudine is heavily influenced by Rock & Metal hence why he is also a self-taught drummer. He uses that inspiration to add his special and signature touch to every beat he composes. From the synth to the bass to the guitars down to the mix & master...Gurudine produces it all by himself and establishes himself as the full package. He also created a community for underground and independent artists/producers all online with Sounds Of A Guru which he gives artists a platform to be seen and heard by the rest of the world. Learn more about Gurudine and his music below: 

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