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Comments & Critiques

Respected Insights


"I really like the vibe of the song and will play it on our Groover Radio". Referring to 'Mezmerized' 

  • Added to Groover Radio Spotify Playlist.

  • You Tell Lies was also added to Groover Radio Spotify Playlist.

Aurasky Music

"I like the very pop/electro side of the track, it is indeed well done and catchy". Referring to 'You Tell Lies'

  • Added to Aurasky Music Spotify Playlist.​

  • Added to Organic Electro Spotify playlist.


Honk Magazine

"Gurudine's 'Best Part' is a shining example of the power of an original sound. I love his unique style of music. That music where an artist bares it all for the world to take in, as they give authenticity to make the rhymes line up, with the person they buy into. No other genre has that type of responsibility, and Gurudine handles that pressure well in his new song 'Best Part'."



"Cupidity is just the style of music we play during the weekend on Decibel web radio. I will be very happy to schedule this song." 

  • Referring to "Cupidity"

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