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"I’m TylaPaid and I’m a genre-bender. Music has really been with me throughout my life starting all the way in middle school when I used to play the saxophone. I make music from hip hop to pop to all the way to EDM music. I am a very versatile artist and I love being out of my comfort zone when it comes to making music. I like to make vibey, catchy music that everyone will want to sing along toad can relate with. The most popular song that I have out is “ Where’s My Valentine?” (R&B), which has over 8,000 streams on Spotify. I also have songs, Wasted” (pop rock) and “Live My Life” (EDM). that have over 4,000 streams. I also have an album called “The Last Genrebender” that is out on all platforms.

Support and check out more of his work below: IG: TikTok: SoundCloud: YouTube:

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