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I THOUGHT THAT YOU DID FR - Pop Music for Summer 2023

Gurudine - I Thought That You Did FR (Official Music Video)

(Inspired by artists like Michael Jackson, Tears For Fears, Janet Jackson, A-ha, and Naked Eyes)

Gurudine can be seen laying down, posing for a post music video film photoshoot at the Wynwood parking garage museum in Miami, FL for his new song "I Thought That You Did FR."
Posing on the Wynwood Parking Garage Museum Art Exhibit

As I started writing this song I knew it had to be upbeat and uplifting so once I approached the lyrics I wanted to steer my voice in another direction with my message. ITTYDFR is about letting go of the negativity in your life whether it be people, a lover, a family member, or life's circumstances. The track start's off with the chorus as the beat walks you into my bubble gum universe! The hook is the title of the song and every time someone hears it they instantly fall in love and can feel the art I created. I'm a lot more vulnerable in this song than I have ever been in one of my songs. I was sent to this location where I filmed the music video and immediately knew it was going to be a part of one of my projects but wasn't sure which one. This song is meant to turn that frown upside down and get your body moving and to focus on yourself because while you are lingering on them they are already moving on so 2 people are focusing on them and we don't want that. Stay toxic and cut them out of your life because there is nothing positive about having them near you or having access to you. The music video matches the vibes and energy the song provides. I knew that I had to match it to give off the impression which is real that I am heartbroken yet I'm finding my way through it regardless and becoming a greater human being than ever before. This song is ready to be added to your summer pop playlists.

Gurudine posing for what would potentially be the cover art for his new 80s inspired and nostalgic track of the summer "I Thought That You Did FR" out now.
Gurudine taking photo after photo during the filming of his new music video for his Alt Pop/Synth Pop/Dance Pop/New Wave Record!

Stream ITTYDFR on any platform here:

I produced this track this year, in less than a month. I make time for what I love and music is a part of me. I don't make music to give off an inaccurate representation of who I am. I make music for me and only for me. When I am making music I am not thinking about what other people will think or if they will judge me. I am sure they are jealous that I created something so beautiful. Artists like the King Of Pop truly inspired my groovy side and funky side. Michael Jackson was there for me when I was alone and helped me get through a lot of hard times with music. Not even realizing how much of an impact he was, Once I started making music I realized his importance in my life. Everything in my life is trying to break me away from my passion which is music but I prioritize my music over everything and anything because it is my purpose in the world and If I am not able to make music then I am not able to be on this planet. Interpret that however you'd like! Gurudine loves to bend genres and this song is like no other. Pop Music is Gurudine's specialty with brilliant melodies and you should definitely add this song to your playlist this summer 2023.

This location matches Gurudines' outfit with the pink, yellow, orange colors from head to toe! "I wanted to match the vibe of the song visually."
Gurudine wearing streetwear and baggy colorful clothes to match the location for his latest record!

The beat consists of a drum kit, synthesizer, piano keys, and a bass guitar alongside my vocals. An inspiration for the drums was "Walking On Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves" which has the snare on upbeat most of the song and wanted to replicate that feeling of walking on sunshine literally. The synth was inspired by the goonies which was a huge part of my life growing up. The fascination I had with new wave music and the aesthetics stuck with me. I love expressing myself and don't care what people think. My music is my experience and my taste and my direction of music. I bring a different approach to music and I'm creating a sound that can't be compared. When you listen to a song of mine, unique identifiable factors will differentiate me from the rest. Gurudine wins Pop Music For Summer 2023.

Gurudine showing off his curls on a windy day of filming at the top of the Wynwood parking garage museum for I Thought That You Did For Real
"Stare at the camera"

As I continue creating art I continue to grow and slowly become the man I was destined to be. Making music and being an artist comes naturally and really taught me so much about myself and has taught me how to function in a world that is so bland. I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do. The mix, master, sound design, composition, and arrangement, were all produced by myself and I even edited the music video as well. Being an independent artist means doing whatever YOU want because YOU feel it's necessary during the expression process. ITTYDFR is a great song for the summer with dance vibes that will be a Tik Tok hit! Gurudine is Moroccan and Egyptian. Born in Queens, NYC but raised in Miami, FL Gurudine became obsessed with drumming and taught himself how to play the kit with no music theory knowledge. His attention to detail and ears allows him to pick up on rhythms and sounds and melodies that most people wouldn't understand but finds a way to turn them into a banger!

Stream ITTYDFR on any platform here:

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