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Gurudine Turns Evil in New Experimental Track

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

The universe he creates with music is vast and ahead of his time, Gurudine needs to release a rock song according to fans and he hinted that in his new track! Welcome to website and thank you for supporting me and my music. This site will be dedicated to documenting Gurudines' journey in the music industry and engaging with his fans. Read more below.

Live & Dream (Fallacy) has been out now for a little over 2 weeks and the music video has gathered 400 streams organically on YouTube with Gurudines' improving ability to market himself and brand himself as an artist to be reckoned with. Watch it by clicking the 'Videos" tab above. Towards the end of the music video he teases a snippet of what is to come. Sounds like we are entering a dark territory within his universe. We are just going to have to wait and hear.

Follow him HERE to keep up with his every move so you don't miss his next release!

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1 Comment

MK Studios
MK Studios
Jun 01, 2022

Just another masterpiece!!!

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