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Breaking Into 2023 With My New Song

Updated: 5 days ago


My new single “Maniac” is an electronic rock pop hit! I wrote this song after a fight I had with my family and I’ll never win. The lyrics are very deep and personal and I mention real-life moments and turn them into an energetic and positive-sounding vibe to get you out of the funk! All my songs have a heavy groove and it’s because I am a self-taught drummer and in the music video you can see that finally. I decided to capture new pieces of myself for this video and also bring a character that I am officially naming “Maniac” for this music video! He’s the crazy side of me. The side that I don't show to everyone because they won't understand me.

I knew I wanted the music video to be appealing so I went out and started to film at a train station nearby I got so many looks and laughs, and security came trying to stop me too. The other times filming were a breeze though. This video is a masterpiece and it will complement the song very well.

Maniac is about that feeling when people think you hurt them on purpose and they hurt you in return and ask you how it feels if you did it on purpose. The song is a whole vibe and has your typical Pop-Punk drums and vocals with an Electropop & Bass that will keep you grooving non-stop. I admit I’m a maniac because I am only human and my pursuit of perfectionism exists but ill never get there. I am great at composing, writing, and producing music but being a “normal” person is the hardest thing I can do. The music video is a reflection of my personality which is very fun, and random and will leave you thinking. The bigger meaning behind the video is revealed at the end of the music video and will give you more insight as to why I am never giving up on my dreams.


Gurudine is an independent Moroccan/Egyptian artist who self-produces his music. He is so independent that he even edits his music videos. Born in Queens, New York Gurudine has always been creative since I started teaching myself how to play the drums when I moved to Miami Florida around 5 years old. I would then join a few bands in high school that never went anywhere but I took it as experience and practice for what was to come. I eventually mastered drumming all on my own and found a new love which was producing and dove into that. My influences are very rock and metal. I love Deftones, Paramore, The All-American Rejects, Michael Jackson, Jason Mraz, and Lil Uzi. My taste in music involved all genres but there is a certain sound and style that I lean towards and that's very groovy and intricate. My music is referred to as having a lot of 80s vibes alongside a modern twist with indie-pop and alternative rock and hip-hop!

Pre-Save Gurudines' New Song HERE

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