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"He Makes Music, Mom Says He's Good"

Amplifi is an 18-year-old Irish vocalist, songwriter, record producer & visual artist.

With a diverse range of musical abilities, he distinctively blends pop, rap, and electronic styles to create a unique sound that captivates listeners

He plays guitar and ukulele, incorporating them seamlessly into his production

as a digital artist and programmer he not only makes the music but the artwork too

3D artwork often accompanies his music in the form of cover art, music videos, or promo material.

Fmrl is a hyper-pop track by Amplifi and Edien, inspired by the likes of brakence & heylog,

creating an emotionally charged set of verses with an intense and crunchy drop section

featuring vocals that tear at the heartstrings. a story told with introspective and regretful lyrics

This song is kind of redux to SONDER, Amplifi's debut album

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